CUPS, OCE 3155, PostScript and PCL5

Rafal Krypa mail at
Thu Aug 18 01:28:30 PDT 2005

Sorry if my question is lame or something, but I am new to CUPS and somehow to printing issues in general.
I've been trying to configure CUPS to work with OCE 3155 network printer - at first via windows spooling server managing that printer, then I figured out an IP addres of the printer itself and I tried to connect to it directly by URI lpd://ip_addr/ps50 (that ps50 I found after digging deeply the Internet).
But still I have the same problem - the printer is not printing requested jobs, instead the error page comes out saying that "The Postscript print job can not be processed because the required PDL interpreter is not licensed or configured."
It all turned out to be more clear when I saw the printers configuration report - in the "License list" one can read "PostScript 3 upgrade: no license".
I don't know what license the damn printer wants to be able to process PostScript jobs, but the only licensed and configured interpreter in that configuration report is PCL5.
And here finally comes my questuon: how can I configure CUPS to be able to print on this printer properly? Do I need some different PPD file? And maybe I can make use of some windows drivers for this printer copied from a Windows box which is already configured to print on this printer?
Unfortunatelly it is nearly impossible that the printer's license/configuration issue will be solved on the printers side - this printing monster I am using is property of the company I am working for and propably no one would buy some license only because few employees want to use Linux on a workstation ;)

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