BrowseAddress - client update

Michael Sweet mike at
Thu Aug 18 11:05:58 PDT 2005

angelb at wrote:
> Hi all.
> With a BrowseAddress configured for the CUPS server, does anyone know
> how the clients are updated? In the client system, are there files
> the client keep for printer updates?

Clients recieve UDP packets on port 631 and add the printers to the
in-memory list of printers.  Remote printers are not stored in
printers.conf, so when you restart a client's cupsd it has to learn
about the remote printers all over again.

We're working on a remote printer cache for CUPS 1.2 that will allow
you to retain your remote printers across a reboot/restart.  The main
issue is coming up with a good way to invalidate the cache if the
system is on a different network (think laptops on wireless networks)

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