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Michael Sweet mike at
Thu Aug 18 13:17:45 PDT 2005

angelb at wrote:
>>>Hi all.
>>>With a BrowseAddress configured for the CUPS server, does anyone know
>>>how the clients are updated? In the client system, are there files
>>>the client keep for printer updates?
>>Clients recieve UDP packets on port 631 and add the printers to the
>>in-memory list of printers.  Remote printers are not stored in
>>printers.conf, so when you restart a client's cupsd it has to learn
>>about the remote printers all over again.
> Would this be the size of 80bytes per printer held in memory?

The actual amount of memory used varies depending on the length of
the printer URI and various printer attributes.  That will be at
least 2k per printer - the SPS shows an average of 11k per printer,
although I think we've reduced that since we originally wrote the

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