BrowseRelay - clients lose printers information if relay host

Michael Sweet mike at
Fri Aug 19 10:04:40 PDT 2005

angelb at wrote:
> Hi all.
> I've been testing BrowseRelay recently and found it to be good at
> what it's designed for.  Until recently, the relay host came down and
> the clients on the same subnet were no longer able to print.
> host# lpr -phplj4 cupsd.conf
> lpr: error - no default destination available.
> I don't understand. I thought clients maintains printer informations
> in-memory and lose it only when the client iself goes down.
> Apparently, the clients also lose their printer information when the
> relay host goes down.

Nope, they lose it after the printer updates timeout (BrowseTimeout).
Polled and relayed browsing information is processed the same as
server-broadcast information...

What we usually recommend is to setup multiple clients on each
subnet when client up-time is an issue.  The other clients won't
care about the extra browse packets, and you'll get the necessary
redundancy.  If you are concerned about bandwidth/server usage,
you can setup the relay clients with larger BrowseInterval settings.
In general, this will result in staggered polling at the original
rate... :)

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