HP 2300dn always prints from manual tray

sheldonw at infospace.com sheldonw at infospace.com
Fri Aug 19 10:19:51 PDT 2005

I'm experiencing this same problem. Am I to take it from what I see here that the only solution is to reconfigure the physical printer? I haven't found any combination of options in the YAST 'Printing filter settings' that will get the printer to choose the right tray.

Thanks for your assistance.

> > >
> > > My first guess is, that you didn't configure "Letter"=20
> > papersize as the=20
> > > default papersize for this printer.
> >=20
> > Configuring letter as default size in CUPS web interface had=20
> > no effect.
> >=20
> I think Klaus was meaning (apologies Klaus if this isn't your intention)
> on the *physical* printer (the big plastic and metal thing), *not* the
> printer in CUPS.
> Most HP printers nowadays are just a bit too clever and as such set
> their *default* paper-size to whatever is the appropriate match to where
> they are shipped to. Here in the UK that is A4, in the US I'd presume
> Letter. IIRC the 2300 has a menu thingy on the top, make sure Letter is
> set as the default paper size for the tray in question, and hopefully
> all will be OK.
> Dan

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