How can I get statistics???

angelb at angelb at
Fri Aug 19 20:02:30 PDT 2005

> I want to know if cups has anything to get statistics of:
> 1. Number of pages printed by users.
> 2. Another related statistics.
> Thanks
> I will be waiting for your answer.
> Fernando

Check your nearest /var/log/cups/page_log file.

In there, you'll find lines with 7 fields.  The 5th field
tells you the number of pages printed and the 6th field
tells you the number of copies made.

hplj4 remroot 346 [19/Aug/2005:21:51:12 -0500] 2 1 - amed

The line above shows 2 pages printed, 1 copy.

btw, I got this info from the manual... :)

Hope that helps!


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