cups web interface hangs after model/driver

dmvianna at dmvianna at
Sun Aug 21 23:04:45 PDT 2005

I am trying to add a new printer. Everything works soundly until I press "continue" in the model/driver web page. Then a process eats up almost all of my CPU, and stays there until I kill it (admin.cgi). The web page goes blank, the bottom line in firefox says "transferring data from localhost".

I was able to configure the printer manually, through the printers.conf file. I can print raw, (using gimp-print 4.2.7 and the Epson Stylus C40sx driver), but I still get the web interface hanging on administrative tasks. It seems it can't write, even after I authenticated myself as root. Also, I can't print but raw data. :(

My printers.conf:

<DefaultPrinter EPSON>
Info Epson Stylus C40sx
Location moon
DeviceURI smb://me:@server/epson
State Idle
StateMessage Printer is idle.
Accepting Yes

It prints perfectly from Gimp, after choosing the right printer model. But the other programs need CUPS working with PS.

Any hints?

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