HP: problems with tray selection?

Helge Blischke h.blischke at srz.de
Mon Aug 22 05:18:58 PDT 2005

sheldonw at infospace.com wrote:
> I'm having problems getting CUPS (1.1.21) to print to the correct paper tray on either of two HP printers (LaserJet 4101 and LaserJEt 8100. It insists on printing to tray #1, which forces me to go to the printer and manually select another tray. I am configuring CUPS through the SUSE Printer configuration tool.
> I've tried setting 'Media Source' to 'Auto' and 'Tray 3'.
> I've tried setting 'Media Size' to various values.
> No success.
> Anyone know how to get one of these things to just find the right tray? It works perfectly from my windows box. I don't have the liberty of reconfiguring the printers themselves to my liking.

As far as I have understood how HP printers work, the "auto" setting always means that the
printer decides on its own what tray to use, thus explicite tray selection is in fact
a noop.
The best method I know of (and that's what we use) is to configure the trays to hold
different media types and, when printing, specify the desired media type instead.


Helge Blischke
SRZ Berlin | Firmengruppe besscom

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