Changing allowable print priorities in CUPS

jmacmaster at jmacmaster at
Mon Aug 22 12:49:01 PDT 2005

CUPS Team,
    Is there any kind of configuration method for CUPS that will effectively change the range of allowable values for print job priorities?  I need "-q 0" to work with CUPS (that's outside the allowed range of 1-100).

Background Info:
    I have a suite of Sun hardware - Blade 150s and V440s.  We run Solaris 8 (sunos 5.8).  I have CUPS installed and it appears to be associated with "Print Pro 4.3".
    I also have a compiled program that is issuing print jobs via a long "lp" string, which includes "-q 0".  This worked with the original Solaris priority range (0-39).  All print jobs from this application fail.  The error message (of course) is "lp: Priority must be between 1 and 100".  I really need this app to work and I can't rewrite its code.

 -Jim Mac Master
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