CUPS won't print a test page- UNKNOWN

Anonymous anonymous at
Tue Aug 23 05:58:36 PDT 2005

> I'm printing from Linux/CUPS, sharing a single HP6L printer, to a LAN with several Win2k boxes, and some Linux boxes. I'm not using any name resolution- no DNS, no /etc/hosts. What I do have is 'ServerName' in cupsd.conf. All the client PCs print from applications, and print test pages from the CUPS Web interface just fine. On the server, I can print from applications, no problem. But the server won't print a test page- it goes to URI, which is a white page that says only
> "Unknown
> Unknown"
> It's really not a big deal, because everything else works. But I was wondering if anyone could explain it.


I have the same problem did you get any answers ????

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