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Sun Aug 28 04:44:43 PDT 2005

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> hi to all!
> currently i'm writing on my master thesis with the subject "migrating small business networks to ipv6" and of course, i want to migrate cups as well. when looking in the cupsd.conf i saw the line with Listen --> how do you write an ipv6 address in here (so that it will not be misinterpreted as port)
> AND is there anything else to configure??
> as long as i didn't find any clue in ./configure -help  that i should include ipv6 support manually i assumed it is included automatically.
> thanks for your help in advance!

Current CUPS does *not* support IPv6.  The 1.2 snapshots do, however
we haven't finished the support yet - one problem is the lack of IPv6
address support (hostnames are supported, but not numeric addresses),
but it will work the same as Apache:

     Listen :::1:631

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