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Michael Sweet mike at
Mon Aug 29 00:22:27 PDT 2005

Anonymous wrote:
> hi thanks for your quick help
> first of all, i have installed the cups-1.2.x-r4608.tar.gz; i tried using my printserver's ipv6-only fqdn ( Listen marge6.sylvia.test:631)
> but i get the error:
> No valid listen or port lines were found in the configuration file.
> httpGetHostByName("marge6.sylvia.test") failed - zu diesem namen gehört keine adresse (translation by me: no name belongs to this address)
> bad listen address marge6.sylvia.test
> of course, there is a working AAAA dns record for marge6 which i can ping as well. i didn't have to add ipv6 support manually? (st. like ./configure enable ipv6)?
> what did i configure wrong? is there any other file i have to edit?

What OS and compiler are you using?

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