status from a USB printer

greg strockbine gstrock at
Sun Aug 7 22:42:53 PDT 2005

I'm writing a cups raster driver for a usb

I found a section in usb-unix.c that checks
on printer status.  I'm a little confused,
how do I know that LP_PERRORP maps to what
my printer considers a fault?  If I make a
change to usb-unix.c then I have to ship
a modified cups with my driver.  This doesn't
seem like something I want to do.

Should I be adding ioctl commands to my cups
raster driver instead?  Or is that the wrong
level to be doing that kind of thing.  I'm
thinking here about pipes and filters when
I talk about level.

I'm still in the groping around stage.
- greg strockbine

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