Cups Backends - To stdin or to not stdin?

Michael Sweet mike at
Mon Aug 8 08:14:03 PDT 2005

Anonymous wrote:
> ...
> So, my main question is:
> How does Cups decide which form of invokation it should use to launch
> the backend?
> Or,
> Under what circumstances will the data be passed via stdin, rather
> than via a disk based file?

Your backend will get the filename when there are no filters
involved for the job.  Typically this is for so-called "raw"
printing of printer-ready files, however it is also used when
printing a file to an intelligent server which will do additional
processing on the file.

Normally a backend reads from stdin since one or more filters will
be used to convert the job file into something the printer can
handle and add any printer-specific options (duplexing, paper tray
selection, etc.)

That said, I highly recommend that you conform to the CUPS backend
interface and support both methods.  It is not hard, and will ensure
that your backend works properly in all situations.

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