cupsd dies when deleting remove printer

Paul Raines raines at
Tue Aug 9 06:12:38 PDT 2005

We have several CentOS4.1 (RHEL4 clone) machines running cups-1.1.22-0

On one particular subnet, the cupsd daemon keeps dying on these
machines.  In every case, the last line is error_log is

I [08/Aug/2005:13:35:22 -0400] Remote destination
"color2_on_mindful_nmr_mgh_harvard_edu" has timed out; deleting it...

A long name so I suspect some buffer overrun

Anyway, one thing I cannot figure out how to do in CUPS is how to
turn off adding of random printers without turning of Browsing
all together.  I have a central print server and I want may machines
to only Browse the printers on that one machine.

I have tried:

Browsing Off
BrowsePoll printsrv

which seems to ignore the BrowsePoll. I then tried

Browsing On
BrowseOrder Deny,Allow
BrowseAllow from printsrv

But then it still adds all thse random printer from other machines.
It seems BrowseAllow only affects who is allowed to Poll you for
printers, no who you will accept remote printer from.  There seems
to be no way to control that without turning off Browsing all together.
This to be seems to be a big Denial of Service security hole.

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