multiple cupsd instances

Peter Somogyi psomogyi at
Thu Aug 11 05:41:58 PDT 2005


We have (still) the host virtualization problem regarding cupsd.
(Connected topic: "cgi-bin: localhost" - but now localhost would be OK for us).

Our idea is to run multiple instances of cupsd (with more separate httpd corresponding to them) with different port numbers. Each cupsd would have to read different configuration (I fear the cupsd option -c <cupsd.conf> may be not enough, we may need to have different printers.conf, classes.conf, ppd files and friends - so each cupsd must work with separate data).
Each httpd must accept http requests on different ports, and forward the requests to the according cupsd's ipp port.

Question #1: is it solvable? Has anybody tested it yet?

Question #2: if not solvable, could we create a patch?

Thank you in advance.


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