IPP backend and page accounting

John A. Murdie john at cs.york.ac.uk
Tue Aug 16 08:33:15 PDT 2005

> I'd suggest to look into the current svn snapshot in order to know what will probably be
> available with stable CUPS 1.2 and, if needed hack the current ipp backend to pass
> the needed information to whatever you use for accounting.

Thanks; but Michael has pointed me at the FAQ answer for that - I thought I'd read the FAQ titles, but had missed that one!

> BTW, we mostly use the hpnpf backend and, if needed, pass PostScript code to do the
> accounting to the printer via the PPD's JobPatchFile and make use of the backchannel
> information the hpnpf backend provides.
> Helge
> PS: If an approach like this seems acceptible to you, let me know; I easily could give you
> some hints how to do that.

Thank you, but that's pretty much what we've been doing since 1985 with our own print system, though not through a backchannel (which would be more secure). I keep looking at CUPS and IPP to see if I can do what we need to do (secure printing and page accounting) more easily and with a system that is rapidly becoming (ok, has become!) the de facto standard for Unix printing. Sometimes I think that University environments are the most demanding of all: we have as customers the most capable crackers who are also the most ready to complain about any problem. Students!

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