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Thu Aug 18 11:01:49 PDT 2005

John A. Murdie wrote:
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> Why is 'copies' only decremented if 'ipp' is supplied with a filename
> (7th argument) - line 835? There's only the one explicit decrement of
> copies in the 'while (copies > 0)' loop - at line 836.

If the backend is run without a filename on the command-line, then
it must (MUST) assume that the upstream filter has prepared the
necessary number of copies, either by duplicating data or using
a printer-specific command to do it.

> (Also, I note that INFO messages are added to the 'Printer History',
> and not to the CUPS error_log file. Where is the 'Printer History'
> log kept, and how can I see its accumulated contents?)
 > ...

The printer history is saved in memory; the most recent state
change is recorded in printers.conf.

FWIW, INFO messages are also stored in error_log if the log level
is "debug2".

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