Cross compiling esp ghostscript

Helge Blischke h.blischke at
Fri Aug 19 04:57:57 PDT 2005

kernel2.6 at wrote:
> I'm trying to cross-compile espgs (with arm-linux-gcc). But during the compile, the makefiles attempt to run one of the target executables.  This
> executable was compiled with the cross-compiler, so it obviously won't execute:
> /obj/echogs -w ./obj/ - -include ./obj/unix_
> /obj/echogs: ./obj/echogs: cannot execute binary file
> make: *** [obj/] Error 126
> Is there a way to configure the espgs so that it doesn't try to execute echogs?

Not that I'd know of. But an awkward workaround springs into my mind:

- configure and compile epsgs for your development system.
- hack the makefile for cross compiling not to compile echogs but copy it from
  the obj directory of your development version.

Let us know if it works.


Helge Blischke
SRZ Berlin | Firmengruppe besscom

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