Conformance of HP's IPP implementation

Michael Sweet mike at
Fri Aug 19 13:28:35 PDT 2005

John A. Murdie wrote:
> Interestingly, I find that the CUPS 1.1.23 ipp backend - corrected as
> in STR #1251 - gathers the correct job-media-sheets-completed value
> from current Lexmark printers (a C510 and a C750), but that neither
> an HP LaserJet 8150DTN or an HP LaserJet 9000DTN deliver a name/value
> pair for this attribute in the response to the backend's
> IPP_GET_JOB_ATTRIBUTES request. This is entirely within the right of
> the HP IPP implementors, of course - the attribute does not have
> REQUIRED in the REQUIRED? field of the table on page 105 of RFC 2911
> (September 2000), but it's hardly kind.

This is a known issue with the HP implementation of IPP; about all
you get back is the toner and media/tray status information after a
job has printed.  Another issue is that HP doesn't support chunking
(a required feature), so their implementation is actually not
conformant to HTTP/1.1...

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