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Michael Sweet mike at
Sun Aug 21 03:45:56 PDT 2005

Anonymous wrote:
> I need a very small "driver" for CUPS. What I need is a driver where you can set a string (the destination device), select a paper size and if it should use the duplex or not. These 3 parameters should then be transformed into a xml structure like this:
> <printername>... the name ...</printername>
> <pagesize>... the size ...</pagesize>
> <duplex>... true or false ...</duplex>
> And then this should be sent to a specific socket, folowed by the postscript data of the printjob.
> I don't have much time (2 - 4 weeks) and I've no idea how to do this (I'm new to CUPS developement)... so, I would appreciate, if someone could help me. If it's needed, I would also pay for this driver.

Sounds like you need a backend, not a driver.  I suspect you can
just adapt the socket backend to add the XML data to the start of
the data stream...

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