[cups.bugs] [MOD] STR #1256: Unanle to compile gdevcdj.c MSVC

Henning von Bargen h.vonbargen at t-p.com
Wed Aug 24 05:03:09 PDT 2005

[STR New]

I cannot compile the (quite central) file gdevcdj.c
nmake -f src\msvc32.mak spits out:
..\src\gdevcdj.c(3447) : error C2097: Unzulaessige Initialisierung
(The German words mean "invalid initialization")
The line above is repeated 11 times, then the next line is
..\src\gdevcdj.c(3727) : warning C4244: 'initializing' : Konvertierung von
'double ' in 'unsigned long ', moeglicher Datenverlust
(meaning "possible data loss").

My system is as as follows:
MS Windows XP Professional SP1, MSVC6 Compiler.

BTW: I am using 8.15 RC4 but could not choose it in the Software Version

Link: http://www.cups.org/str.php?L1256
Version: 8.15-current

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