Michael Sweet mike at easysw.com
Wed Aug 24 12:41:23 PDT 2005

Anders Blomdell wrote:
> ...
> is also the problem that the admin.cgi script does not check that it
> has access to all needed information before it presents its dialogs
> to the user (e.g. try to add a printer with cups-get-devices policy
> set to deny, then you will be presented with an empty device list!).
> Are there any examples available on this new (and badly needed)
> feature, or is it still in a flux?

Until we release 1.2, EVERYTHING is in potential flux.  We *are*
approaching a level of stability that will allow our tech writer
to start documenting things for future snapshots, however you
cannot depend on anything at this time.  Remember, 1.2 is
unreleased software and we do not recommend using it on
production servers until we do...

That said, if you do things like deny access to administrators,
then things will break.  Hopefully the changes to the web
interface I am working on now will yield more useful error
messages and/or authentication requests, however we will
never be able to successfully handle every possible

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