[cups.development] To obtain list for Make/Model boxes ?

Markus.Grunwald at pruftechnik.com Markus.Grunwald at pruftechnik.com
Fri Aug 26 07:41:41 PDT 2005


> > Where can I get the lists that the cups "add printer" cgi presents to 
> > user (Make and Model) ? Do I have to parse ppd files or is there an 
> > way to obtain that info ?
> Use the CUPS_GET_PPDS request - see the system/lpinfo.c source for
> an example...

Since I want to do everything via commandline tools, using CUPS_GET_PPDS 
is not an option, but I can use the lpinfo tool to request all printer 
drivers. Thanks for the info !

Now I still have two problems ( and I am sure more will come up with 
1) lpinfo gives me this information:

$lpinfo -m
raw Raw Queue
destiller.ppd Acrobat Distiller 3011.104
dymo.ppd DYMO Label Printer CUPS v1.1
epson9.ppd EPSON 9-Pin Series CUPS v1.1
epson24.ppd EPSON 24-Pin Series CUPS v1.1
stcolor2.ppd EPSON New Stylus Color Series CUPS v1.1
stphoto2.ppd EPSON New Stylus Photo Series CUPS v1.1
stcolor.ppd EPSON Stylus Color Series CUPS v1.1
stphoto.ppd EPSON Stylus Photo Series CUPS v1.1
pxlcolor.ppd HP Color LaserJet Series PCL 6 CUPS v1.1

This way, I get the availiable ppds. 
How can I get the info that the cups cgi presents in the "Make" list when 
adding a printer ?

2) The localhost:631/printers page shows the driver for every printer. How 
can I find this information out ? (Again, commandline if possible)...

I hope all this can be done with commandline tools. Or will it be much 
easier if I use functions from libcups ?

Many thanks for your help,

Markus Grunwald

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