Belkin Print Server (F1UP0001uk)

Anonymous anonymous at
Sun Jan 2 06:05:47 PST 2005

I bought and installed this over Christmas.  As usual, I checked various sites for set up information and couldn't find anything.   So, I thought that I'd give a little back and note that this device works perfectly with  Linux/CUPS (in my case, Debian testing).   This server supports LPR, so the destination is lpd://<ip-address>/lp1 for the first printer and lpd://<ip-address>/lp2 for the second one.   The rest of the CUPS set up is as normal and just works (thanks chaps).

One small word of warning:  the windows set up utility insists on resetting the print server to dhcp - irritating as in my set up I have it as a static one.

Dave Rusling

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