[cups.general] Re: Network connection for HP Deskjet 1220c

Andrew Schulman andrex at alumni.utexas.net
Mon Jan 3 13:16:37 PST 2005

> I am connecting my HP Deskjet 1220c to my G4 Mac (running OS 10.3.7).  
After having discovered Gimp-print as the solution to connectivity 
problems I downlaoded and installed it.  I was able to make the 
connection and successfully print via USB.  However, on the network 
(Ethernet) mode I can set up the printer, but when I send a docuemtn to 
print nothing happens - I get a message of "looking for printer."  Any 
ideas on what's going on here?


and for a more detailed explanation, see http://www.cups.org/cups-
> On a related note, I tried troubleshooting using CUPS, but when I try most options I am promted for a username and password - yet I can find no place to set those up.  What am I mssing?

Here's the relevant section of my /etc/cupsd.conf.  See cupsd.conf(5) 
and the CUPS administrator's manual, and adjust to suit your needs.

<Location /admin>
# You definitely will want to limit access to the administration 
# The default configuration requires a local connection from a user who
# is a member of the system group to do any admin tasks.  You can change
# the group name using the SystemGroup directive.

AuthType Basic
AuthClass System

## Restrict access to local domain
Order Deny,Allow
Deny From All
Allow From

#Encryption Required

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