ERROR during execution of pictwpstops

Paul paul.rinkes at
Mon Jan 3 13:38:59 PST 2005

Derek wrote:
> Can anyone shed some light on this problem for me please?
> Mac OS 10.3 not able to print to an LPR printer -
> From the log:
> I [16/Nov/2004:10:20:58 +1100] [Job 3] can't create PictWPSDoc from `/private/var/spool/cups/d00003-001'.ERROR during execution of pictwpstops. Error number -9783
> Print Setup Repair 4.1.5 is not able to resolve it and the archive and reinstall I did today made no difference. I should have tried creating a new user - will try that tomorrow.

We've been haunted by the same problem here (a small retailer based in Minneapolis) ... does anyone have any light they can shed?

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