[cups.general] Large Cups Installation

Boelter Markus Markus.Boelter at Micronas.com
Wed Jan 5 03:16:28 PST 2005

Hi out there!

At our company we have some problems with a large CUPS installation. We have about 600 Printers defined on two CUPS-Servers. The servers should Broadcast the printers to the entire network so the clients can build implicit classes.

It looks like the servers are sending a single UDP-Packet for every printer - so every Client hast to handle 600 Packets at one time because the cups-servers are sending the packets at one time each intervall.

The result is, that printer just disappear on the clientside. The client can't handle this amount of packets.

I also tried to "tune" the Browsing-Intervalls and especially the Timout-Intervalls. But even if I set the BroadcastIntervall to 5 min and the TimeOut to half a day, the problems is still there. And yes, I set the variables on the right computers and also restarted cups. :-)

After this I thought I can get the problem solved by getting rid of Browsing and use Polling instead. Am I right, if I say, that Polling nearly works the same way as Browsing? The Client "triggers" the Server to send 600 Packets back to the Client instead to net Network-Broadcast-Adress? This results in the exact same problems...

Anyone out there who is using cups with so many printers? Any ideas?

I'm using cups on Linux (RedHat Enterprise v3) - newest update from RedHat.

Thanks for help!

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