CUPS & Samba: Driver Download

Helge Blischke h.blischke at
Wed Jan 5 05:50:54 PST 2005

Mario Aeby wrote:
> Hello
> I followed the instructions on [1] and was finally able to set up the printer drivers for our workstations.
> There's just one question left: Will windows-users be able to download the printer drivers when they intend using IPP? Or does driver download work with SMB-Printing mode only?
> Unfortunately, I never came accross a statement, so I'm a little confused, wondering, why there appears 'The server on which <printer> resides does not have the correct driver installed. ...' when I try to install a CUPS printer using IPP.
> When I install it using \\<server>\<printer> the drivers get downloaded correctly.
> [1]
> Thanks for your help
> Kind regards
> Mario

Well, the driver download requires that the box to download from behaves 
(at least to a certain extent) like a WinNT box, which samba does. Thus,
even if you
are using direct ipp printing, the driver download requires either a box
running samba
or another winNT(2K,XP) box.


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