[cups.general] Large Cups Installation

pipitas k1pfeifle at gmx.net
Wed Jan 5 10:45:35 PST 2005

Boelter Markus wrote:

> I'm using cups on Linux (RedHat Enterprise v3) - newest update from
> RedHat.

Sorry, could you specify which CUPS version that is exactly?
(I dont know what RedHat ships as "newest update"). Try 
"cups-config --version"....

There have been problems with browsing for large numbers of
printers (very long ago), which were solved by avoiding a 
"burst" of many packages (in your case, 600) at once, and 
instead spreading the load evenly across a large part of the
timespan defined by BrowseInterval (thus, "throttling" the
browsing traffic to a more or less even level).

And last, there has been another problem with browsing (more
recent), which under some conditions only sent out 90% of
printers during the BrowseInterval (and started all over with
printer no. 1 at beginnint of next interval). [Note, the 90%
is not exact, it is guesssed by me to highligt the problem.]


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