[cups.general] server config query

bob flynn bob.flynn at s3group.com
Thu Jan 6 08:32:39 PST 2005

I am trying to setup a central cups server for multiple redhat clients.

So far I have done the following.

1. Configured the cups server against a network printer
2. Verified that the cups client on the server can see the network 
printer via lpstat -a
3. Configured a cups client on another box on the network.
4. Modified /etc/cups/client.conf to point  Servername to the cups server

When I attempt a lpstat -a on the client box, I get the following error 

lpstat: Unable to connect to server: Connection refused

I am running the cups distribution on Red Hat Enterprise.
I have tried upping the debug level on the client and server, and cannot 
see anything.

I have network connectivity between the boxes, and the iptables firewall 
on each box is disabled.

I thought the issue might be on the server that various Browse options 
need to be set, but am unsure.

thanks for any assistance,


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