[cups.general] Epson SP R300 only prints from GIMP

ben paley ben at spooty.net
Sat Jan 8 01:42:57 PST 2005

Till Kamppeter wrote:

> You also have to install foomatic-filters
>     Till


Simple as that? But there's no foomatic-filters in the ports... are you
familiar with the freebsd ports collection? It sometimes goes wrong, but
not normally THAT wrong... foomatic binaries in my path are

foomatic-addpjloptions                 foomatic-nonumericalids
foomatic-combo-xml                     foomatic-perl-data
foomatic-compiledb                     foomatic-ppd-options
foomatic-configure                     foomatic-ppdfile
foomatic-datafile                      foomatic-preferred-driver
foomatic-fix-xml                       foomatic-printermap-to-gimp-print-xml
foomatic-getpjloptions                 foomatic-printjob
foomatic-kitload                       foomatic-replaceoldprinterids

does any of that look useful? Or relevant? What does foomatic-filters do?

Anyway, what's doing my head in is I can print an image from Gimp without
any setup at all, it's just using lpr (so all the info I need is on my
machine somewhere!), and lpq shows the job as a normal <STDIN> , just like
it does when I use lpr from the command line, but in THAT case it doesn't

Thanks a lot for replying, I appreciate it.

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