Belkin F1UP001

gwinter at gwinter at
Sun Jan 9 11:26:23 PST 2005


I have bought this print server for an airport (Macintosh) Network.
I have configured it with my browser (Safari)
I can see it on the network (means without any cable connection)

In the browser I can see the two printers connected on it (Epson stylus photo 1290 & Canon i965)


I can't print !!!

I don't know which queue name I must use (I tried lp, 9100 as Belkin told in the manual and combinations of these two, nothoing to do)

The best thing I can have is, in the printer window the message :

"remote host did not accept data file (32)".

Does somebody know what to do with tis server and/or what does this message EXACTLY mean...and how to get rid of it ???

ANother way would be to have the exact name of the printing queue to use...

Thanks a lot

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