Printing on a LAN

Daniel Kasak dkasak at
Sun Jan 9 17:18:43 PST 2005

pipitas wrote:
> Daniel Kasak wrote:
>>You need to define each of your printers in the cupsd.conf file as above
>>for browsing to work. 
> Actually, that is not true. It is sufficient to do it like 
> this:
>   <Location /printers>
>   AuthClass Anonymous
>   AuthType None
>   Order Allow,Deny
>   Deny From All
>   Allow From
>   </Location>
> or similar. This provides the same definition of access rights for each 
> individual printer.

Fair enough. Like I said, we tried *many* different options. I will 
remove all unnecessary stuff from our config file soon.

>>The 'Allow From @LOCAL' option by itself doesn't 
>>work for us,
> Doesnt it even work with this
>   Order Deny,Allow
>   Deny From All
>   Allow From @LOCAL
> ? If so, it is a bug in your CUPS version. The @LOCAL would allow all jobs
> coming from your eth0, eth1, eth2,.... interfaces, but not the ones coming
> from ppp0, ppp1,.... (i.e. modems, ISDN cards).

I'm almost certain that @LOCAL didn't work for us. I will try this again 
soon too. That was a couple of versions ago.

Anyway, thanks for the tips :)


Also, an update from my orignial post ... it seems that using:

BrowseAllow _ip_address_range

actually *stops* things from working properly on our setup ( cups 
detects and uses a FQDN which isn't inside the ip address range ), and 
commenting this option out and using the default makes things work properly.


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