[cups.general] Re: cups and pstops...

wolfgang at leila.ping.de wolfgang at leila.ping.de
Mon Jan 10 03:58:59 PST 2005

Hello Johannes and Helge, 

thank you for the answers! 

This all makes sense, as I know LPRng used PLJ commands to switch the
printer to duplex mode and also printing these files via ghostscript
made similar problems. 

However, I have to admit I really like the UNIX way of life (keep
things - and programs - simple and stupid), and as such like to
format my documents _before_ I print them. 

I will have a look at psutils, up to now it does not seem to be
such a big problem to fix them (without having had a single look
at the source code...), IMHO this would be the cleanest solution.
And, AFAIK there is no real replacement for them, or is there? 

With psutils fixed for clean PS output, they could be used as
CUPS filter for those who like it, too... 


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