[cups.general] PPD-File - howto modify

Johannes Meixner jsmeix at suse.de
Tue Jan 11 08:46:52 PST 2005


On Jan 11 16:32 Helmut Jarausch wrote (shortened):
> I have a nice working CUPS installation with an original Kyocera ppd
> file for my Kyocera FS-1000. This works fine as long as the input
> does not contain postscript level 3.

"Printing from Mozilla:"

> How can I modify this ppd file such that CUPS invokes a filter
> (ghostscript with some special parameters) which converts postscript
> level 3 to postscript level 2.

"PostScript Preprocessing with Ghostscript on PostScript Printers"

> Furthermore, is it possible to modify a ppd file such that a special
> initialization strings is sent to the printer before printing?

"Optional PCL Printing on PostScript+PCL Printers"

The articles are also available in german:

The articles cannot provide a perfect solution for your particular
case but they should help you to understand how you can develop
your own solution.

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