Xerox 6250DP And multiple prints

Anonymous anonymous at
Wed Jan 12 07:28:11 PST 2005

Mike Woods wrote:
> I have here at work a nice pair of Xerox 6250DP's that im trying to setup with my print stations for authorised printing (so the students dont run up a huge bill :P), i have the printer working under cups using the xerox ppd file however i've found that if i push more than one job through to it at a time i only ever receive one of them!
> I get no errors, no sign of anything going wrong, just nothing! (i've
> also contacted xerox and im waiting to hear back from them)

Just an update to say i've contacted the guys at xerox who've got no idea what the problem is but after further investigation i've found the problem does seem to be the printer and not cups, if i push dumps of the job files through the usb port manualy i still get the same single job rather than howver many i push through :(

Mike Woods
IT Technician

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