Applying gs811-lib.patch to gs8.15

x2164 x2164
Thu Jan 13 05:50:02 PST 2005

     Hi All,

     After reading till's posting recommending the use of
     GPL gs8.15 code base i'd like to know if the
     gs811-lib.patch can be applied to gs8.15 and the resulting
     gs executable be usable.

     I've already applied gs811-lib.patch by hand to gs8.15 code.
     By a little editing of obj/ to add the two lines
     "-lcups \"  and  "-lcupsimage \"  to overcome a final
     linking problem i have been able to generate an executable

     A search of the cups.general newsgroup for '8.15' produced
     10 hits most of which related to organizing the switch to
     the gs8.15 code.

     Is it too much of a leap of faith to use the gs811-lib.patch
     for gs8.15?

     pete jordan
     x2164 at

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