Update to Mac OS10.3 password problem

Anonymous anonymous at easysw.com
Fri Jan 14 02:09:13 PST 2005

Matt Broughton wrote:
> In article <19471-cups.general at news.easysw.com>,
>  Anonymous <anonymous at easysw.com> wrote:
> > Anonymous wrote:
> > > Hi there I upgraded to Mac OSX10.3.5 and now my printer Kyocera 1010 has
> > > returned to low resolution. I tried to set 600dpi with CUPS but a password
> > > is required. I never set a password for this "thingy". Even if I log on as
> > > admin I cant get into the Printer setup. Should I buy a PC with longhorn
> > > now?
> > >
> > > Thanks for Your help
> > >
> > > Peter
> >
> > hello peter. have you found a solution to the above problem? cos i have the
> > same...thanks, michi
> There is a known problem with authentication in Mac OS X 10.3.x that
> began with the security update of 2004-04-05.  I have posted a patch to
> my website that will disable that portion of the security update and
> allow access to the administrative functions via the web interface
> without needing a username and password.
> <http://my.vbe.com/~mbrought/ShadowHash_Patch.html>
> The cups.org web page <http://www.cups.org/faq.php?16> also discusses
> this problem.  The patch on my site basically takes the route of
> removing the troublesome lines in the cupsd.conf file.
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> Matt Broughton
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Hello, for MacOSX 10.3.7, I just found out if you replace in /etc/cups/cupsd.conf
at the very end the lines:

#Encryption Required
<Limit GET>
AuthType Basic
AuthClass System


#Encryption Required
<Limit GET>
AuthType ShadowHash
AuthClass System

Everything seems to work, at least I can log in from any computer allowed using a normal administrator account and password with the web interface....

Hope that helps.


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