Gimp-print options set in driver options

x2164 x2164
Fri Jan 14 05:46:03 PST 2005

    Morning All,

    Using the gimp-print plugin from gimp to set resolution to 720,
    density to .70, and image type to Photograph resulted in
    the following line obtained with 'ps xa':

       epson:/dev/lp0 259 pete (stdin) 1 number-up=1
       brightness=158 cpi=12 page-top=30 page-left=30 nowrap
       position=top-left ColorModel=RGB Resolution=360sw
       PageSize=Letter MediaType=Inkjet stpBrightness=1000
       stpContrast=1000 stpCyan=1000 stpDensity=1000
       stpDither=Adaptive stpGamma=1000 stpImageType=LineArt
       stpInkType=CMYK stpMagenta=1000 stpSaturation=1000
       stpYellow=1000 /var/spool/cups/d00259-001

    If i am interpreting the above line correctly, which admittedly
    i may not be, it looks like the epson driver is using a
    resolution of 360sw, density of 1000 ( i guess this is 1.000
    in plugin's window ), and image type of LineArt.  These values
    corespond to the original default settings of each value
    in the plugin, however, i have saved my changes so that my
    new values appear in the plugin when it is started but the
    epson line remains the same as above.

    Is something amiss?

    pete jordan
    x2164 at mailcity dot com

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