[cups.general] Re: permission to cancel jobs via web interface

Rodrigo Ventura yoda at isr.ist.utl.pt
Fri Jan 14 13:28:06 PST 2005

I found a solution to the "client-error-forbidden". I'm using
BasicDigest as admin authentication type. However, I was using the
username admin in passwd.md5. After consulting cups sources I found in
scheduler/ipp.c the following line in function validate_user(),
called by cancel_job() to validate the user:

  if (strcasecmp(username, owner) != 0 && strcasecmp(username, "root") != 0)

which means that if the username issuing the cancel request is "root",
it is allowed to cancel the job. Well, in my passwd.md5 I changed ftom
admin to root, and it worked! Now the cups administrator is able to
cancel jobs!

Since I haven't seen this solution anywhere, I ask, PLEASE, PLEASE,
cups documentation maintainers to add this relevant issue in admin
documentation and/or some cups FAQ!


Rodrigo Ventura


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