Problems printing from gimp-print on Epson Photo Stylus R200

Christopher Fraser chrisf at
Sun Jan 16 14:33:59 PST 2005

I'm having a number of issues printing to an Epson Photo Stylus R200.  I'm using a pretty standard Fedora Core 3 setup:

# rpm -qa | egrep "(gimp-print|cups)"

The issues I'm experiencing are:

1) The default print quality is too low for what I want to do.  There doesn't seem to be any way of chaning the print quality from gimp-print so I used the web interface to set it to 1440x720. However if I do this my printouts never arrive.  They're listed as completed in the web interface.  I can print test pages at 1440x720, so the backend seems to work a bit.  The settings I am trying to use are "Photo Quality Glossy Paper", Page Size of 10cm x 15cm and printout mode of Photo (though I've tried other modes too).

2) I seem to be only able to print one page (I'm using Epson 10cm x 15cm glossy paper) and thereafter either submitted jobs either disappear into ether as above or I get the raw postscript text printed out onto the paper. Stopping cups with sh /etc/init.d/cups restart and power cycling the printer doesn't help.  I can print again after a machine reboot.

3) I can't cancel jobs over the web interface (I think this has been mentioned elsewhere).

Any help on the above would be appreciated (I will check the newsgroup, but a mail cc would also be appreciated).

Just as an aside (this is probably more a Fedora problem) out-of-the box CUPS required a login and password to administer it over the web interface.  I was using localhost:623, but had to change /etc/cups/cupsd.conf to read:

<Location /admin>
Order Allow
Allow From All

It's unclear to what username/password Fedora has been setup to work with ...

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