[cups.general] Printing to a file...

Daniel Hawker Daniel.Hawker at animal.co.uk
Mon Jan 17 08:00:10 PST 2005

Hi All,

Have an application running on our RedHat Enterprise Linux ASv3 box that
creates a PCL file. The app basically cats a couple of files together
and then uses lpr to send it directly to a printer we designate as a RAW
file, which the printer then prints.

I'd like to be able to *capture* the PCL file, so that I can then use
GhostPCL to convert it to a pdf document. I have this working already
with Postscript files, by using a CUPS backend and creating an
appropriate printer, however haven't been able to conjour up any way of
doing it with PCL ones as the file just gets scrambled.

Have tried trawling through the web to find out what I can do with lpr
to send it to a file, rather than the printer, however haven't managed
to come up with anything yet. Presume you use the -d switch, but the man
page is rather vague anout the options it allows here and I've not been
able to find any clues.

Any help much appreciated.



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