local queue stops when job is too big for server

Dane Miller sysadmin-nntp at olneyfriends.org
Mon Jan 17 08:24:35 PST 2005

I have CUPS clients set up to print to a remote CUPS queue on the printserver.  When a 
user tries to print a document bigger than the CUPS printserver allows (MaxRequestSize 
5242880), the local queue stops with the error "Print file was not accepted 
(client-error-request-value-too-long)!"   This requires an administrator to clear the 
offending job and restart the local queue.  The remote queue on the printserver is unaffected.

Is this the expected behavior for the local CUPS queue?  Why?  How can I change this so 
the local queue simply rejects the too-big-job and continues working?

clients are Debian Sarge/Sid, cupsys 1.1.20final-11
printserver is Debian Sarge, cupsys 1.1.20final+rc1-10

Dane Miller
Technology Coordinator
Olney Friends School
Barnesville, Ohio

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