[cups.general] Re: permission to cancel jobs via web interface

Rodrigo Ventura yoda at isr.ist.utl.pt
Mon Jan 17 13:41:27 PST 2005

>>>>> "Gene" == Gene Heskett <gene.heskett at verizon.net> writes:

    Gene> What else is in that file?, mine was a zero length file.

Do you mean passwd.md5? CUPS uses (at least) two authentication
schemes: one is via system users (/etc/passwd), and another is via its
own passwords file (passwd.md5). I was using this latter scheme,
because I don't like to mess system users with service
authentication. What I found in the sources is that the name "root" is
hard-wired in the cups sources. I guess that, in order to cancel a
job, you must be either the same user as the job, or root. And you can
be system root, if using the former authentication scheme, or user
called "root" in cups own passwd file (passwd.md5).

BTW, passwd.md5 is managed with the lppasswd utility, similarly to
what htpasswd is to apache.


Rodrigo Ventura


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