[cups.general] PPD for Epson R300

ben paley ben at spooty.net
Wed Jan 19 05:04:46 PST 2005

Till Kamppeter wrote:

> The stphoto2.ppd is a very simple generic PPD which is intended to
> support all of Epson's 6-ink printers. Therefore it does not contain
> options specific to your particular printer.

And how!

> The other PPD file is from Gimp-Print, but generated with "-d
> gimp-print" it is a PPD file for the obsolete built-in GhostScript
> driver version of Gimp-Print. Try "-d gimp-print-ijs" to get a PPD file
> for the current IJS plug-in for GhostScript. But this requires that the
> "ijsgimpprint" executable exists in your execution path (this file is
> the actual IJS plug-in). In addition, your GhostScript must support IJS,
> "gs -h | grep ijs" must produce one line of output.

I can't quite believe this has worked, but it has. Thank you so much! I had
tried the ijs driver before, but I think maybe the printer had crashed when
I tried it - that's happened a few times, and confused me no end.

Thanks again,

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