[cups.general] cupsaddsmb? - other problem

Anonymous anonymous at easysw.com
Wed Jan 19 12:40:38 PST 2005

> we have also some problems with the cupsaddsmb.
> As long as the samba is running  with the setting
> security =domain
> the command  cupsaddsmb will fail.
> We have to switch back to
> security = server

Have a look at these STRs and report back if they could be related to your problem:


That seems to bite a lot of people. (Maybe it is fixed by now). Basically, in a Windows domain, the domain name becomes an essential and valid part of the username. Only with "DOMAIN\USERNAME" you can authenticate when you tell winbind to do authentication for Samba users against a Windows Domain Controller. For the rest of Unix this seems to be a perfectly valid Unix username too in that context. Just CUPS does not yet like it.... (or so was the version I last checked.)

> p.s. I tried really *everything* from the SMB-HowTo (really good docu!!)

I agree. Kudos to the Samba documentation writers!

I regret I cant do any Samba related work any more in my new job. :-(

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