Printer stops

clemdal at clemdal at
Sat Jan 22 10:20:54 PST 2005

I have CUPS 1.1.21 and a printserver (no name) that is supposed to do IPP.
The printserver har 1 paralell and 2 usb ports, and works with win 2000. I think Hawking sell this printserver under their brand. I haven't quite got it to work with CUPS. The printers do work if i connect them directly to the PC. I have set the printers up with the port http://<ip-adress>:631/lp2 and /lp3 what should work. After choosing the right drivers, I can print a testpage, or from any other program. The page prints OK, but in CUPS it never finishes,  Printer State: stopped, accepting jobs."Print file accepted - job ID ...
I have tried to look in the log, and it says:PID 31585 stopped with status 0! Does anyone know what is wrong?

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