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> - If this driver is right, Linux client users can use the "mailbox mode" 
> of the GP300-405 ?
> - I actually use Windows Server with Windows clients who use "mailbox 
> mode": With this driver, can I change for a Linux Print Server without 
> loosing this advanced option ?
> Regards,
> Pascal

     I just took a look at a Canon iR330 I have set up in CUPS and while it 
does allow me to configure the Mailboxes = Enabled and it does allow me to 
Select Mailboxes as a destination, I don't see a place to select which 
Mailbox to print to. Since there are 100 Mailboxes this could be a problem. 
It may just print to the first Mailbox "00", I've seen this happen with a 
Windows driver that had a Mailbox problem.

   You mentioned that you use Windows Servers & clients using Mailbox Mode. 
You may be able to use a work around by setting up the "Printing 
Preferences" of the Canon iR330 on the Windows Server to print to a specific 
Mailbox (as well as any other default settings that you require, like 
duplex, etc.).  Then make sure that your Windows Server is running Unix 
Print Services. This is NOT loaded by default. You could then LPR your 
document from your Linux box to the Canon iR330 on the Windows Server. The 
Linux LPR print job will pick up the default printing preferences that you 
set up. The LPR ipaddress will be the ip address of the Windows print server 
and the queue name will be the name of the printer (ir330 or Canon). It's 
best to keep the queue name simple.

           Vince McHugh
    Color Sales Engineer
            NECS \ Canon

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