HP 4050 Printer Error: 79.EEFE

Daniel Kasak dkasak at nusconsulting.com.au
Mon Jan 24 14:37:34 PST 2005

Daniel Kasak wrote:
> Hi all.
> I just switched our printer setup from Samba ==> CUPS to direct IPP 
> printing ( Windows clients connect via an address like 
> http://servername:631/printers/printername ).
> With the old setup ( via samba ) we had no problems with our HP 4050.
> Now, though, when a certain document ( Excel ) is printed, we often get 
> an error on the printer's LCD:
> 79.EEFE
> I've checked http://www.advancedlaser.net/errorcode/error_79.htm and it 
> indicates that it could be a software / driver issue, which I tend to 
> agree with. It's not hardware problem, as when I print through samba it 
> works fine.
> The document is a very simple invoice, with Tray 1 selected ( manual 
> feed ). The default is tray 2.
> The only way to get the printer working again is to power cycle it. When 
> the power is off, I 'stop' the printer via the CUPS web admin page, and 
> when the printer is turned back on and has finished initialising, I 
> 'start' the printer again via the web admin page, and the print job 
> which previously crashed the printer continues and prints OK ( from the 
> right tray too ).
> Anyone seen this before?
> Dan


If we use the PPD from the Windows install when setting up the printer 
under CUPS, we get the above problem. If we use the PPD from 
www.linuxprinting.org it seems to work OK ( looks like this came from 
Apple - it mentions OS-X ).

The best setup seems to be with the above PPD. The hpijs driver doesn't 
allow us to select a destination tray - it always prints from the main 
high capacity tray.

Anyway at least the error has stopped.


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